In business life, nothing is more important than knowing who you are, where you are going and your plan to get there. We help you get a visionary plan and marketing activities to know yourself and your customers by analysis, business development, marketing & communications and startup funding preparation support.

Digging deep and discovering what makes your company better than the rest opens the doors to a customer or investor base that actually buys. While many people can be exposed to an ad, buyers are the people that need a solution.They should believe in you. When you expose buyers to your content, you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Start with knowing yourself, your current situation, and your statement. We’ll learn as much as possible about your company, products, vision and goals.

Introductory Health Check
Brand Discovery

Get a look for navigating the market landscape by doing Market Research and opportunity analysis to achieve your brand goals and understand what makes your target audience tick, and the competitive landscape they live in. Discovery Research We’ll get a deeper understanding of your audience and current trends in your market.

We will deep dive into your brand awareness to determine further shape your brand’s position, message, persona and name. How you speak to your audience matters as much as how you look.

Market Research &
Opportunity Analysis
Audience Insights
Competitive Analysis
Customer Analysis

Brand Awareness
Brand Positioning
Persona Development


When it comes time to launch a new startup or as a tech company rebrand or brand into the market, it’s time to turn our attention towards marketing and communication.

We increase your brand reach and awareness through community and social channels.
We provide systems and services for consistently communicating your brand voice across customer touchpoints by brand management, marketing and community management.

We help tech companies go to market and grow through custom marketing strategies and tactics. Tech companies are different from enterprises, their opportunities and struggles are not the same, which means their marketing game plan can’t be the same. Let’s do what’s needed, cut the chase, and hack growth.

Brand Management
Brand Management & Governance
Brand Values-Voice-Manifesto

Marketing & Advertising Strategy
Content Strategy Development
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Marketing Plan Development
Email Marketing + Automations
Sponsorships Development

Community Management
Social Media Content Strategy
Social Media Management
Advertising & Media Buying


Once your new startup business has successfully taken flight, we work tirelessly towards growing customer traction in the areas where it matters most.

In the end, investors don’t just want to hear how great your Big Idea will be, given more funding, they want to see that it’s already working, and ideally, how well it’s monetizing.

When it comes time to raise external capital outside of your own, we work alongside our clients to help them get prepared, create all the necessary assets to go into the world and start connecting with potential startup investors.

Executive Summary Creation

Pitch Deck Design

Business Models

Cashflow Forecast Development

Exchange & Investor Relations
Market Making
Investor Relations

Consulting & Mentor & Coach