We build on what makes you different and we do not rely on the same methodology for every customer because every customer is not the same. We help innovative tech e companies extend their reach into new markets by providing market development, appointment setting and sales development.

During this phase we source and conduct meetings with ideal customers to build a comprehensive profile of your target buyers, their relevant pains, and how to find and engage them. This allows us to build a sales strategy that informs ideal buyers.

We apply what we learned in customer discovery and refine your sales process as we continue to meet with and sell to your customers. Market development culminates in a repeatable sales strategy that will continue to drive customer acquisition after our partnership has concluded.

Studio10X will dig deep into your business and develop a customized outreach. We create professional marketing campaigns based on your ICP, unique value proposition, and market research.

Engaging writing is tough — it’s about voice, pacing, diction, and style — and all of that changes based on the actual content, where the work will be published, and to whom it is written. Regardless of the medium, we’ve got your message dialed.

Market Research

Attraction Messaging & Field Work Execution

Discovery Session with Ideal Customers

Value Proposition & Target Market

Lead generation conventionally falls under the umbrella of advertising, but actually, it isn’t limited to paid-for channels and tactics.

B2B lead generation is formally defined as a key marketing process of contacting, convincing, and converting other businesses into potential clients, or leads. It is the act of identifying and initiating an interest in prospects.

You might agree that generating B2B leads that convert into prospects is easy money for your business, but still think why lead generation is important to your business. And because you thought of it, we covered it for you.

Our B2B appointment setting services include filling your calendar with meetings that are likely to convert into sales. We always make sure that the leads confirm the appointments and reschedule the calls beforehand if needed.

Contact Research and List

Appointment Setting

Lead Research

Lead Generation

The Linkedin Influencer Program

We boost your revenue engaging with the indirect route to market with resellers, distributors and value added providers. From partner acquisition to enablement to activation to growth.

Also; we boost your revenue by engaging the direct route to market with B2B end customers. From small offices to the enterprise space we cover it all.

We create an entire sales process, define exit criteria, job descriptions, and completely enable organizations to drive sales teams to sell better, faster, and more efficiently.

We work with our SDRs (Sales Development Reps) and BDRs (Business Development Representative) account penetration strategies that work including email, LinkedIn, cold calling, live pick-up, gatekeeper, voicemail, and more.We help you build the right onboarding process including sales playbooks, sales training, product training and ramping.

We help you find and understand the right tools that help your sales teams execute.

B2B Sales Process & Playbooks

Sales Tools Entegration

Pitch Deck & Sales Assets Development

Sales Development

Sales Events

Channel Sales

B2B End Sales

Go Abroad